How much should i charge as a fitness coach?

Some may even offer weeks or month packages for four or five figures. To find the rate that's right for you, start with the annual take-home amount you want. So, instead of simply selling a package of individual training sessions, market a fitness program that specializes in achieving a specific outcome, such as weight loss for a short-term activity and more. Determining how much to charge for personal training may be the most difficult decision you'll ever face as a fitness trainer.

Therefore, when determining how much to charge for personal training for different groups, you'll need to consider whether the customer can afford it. What most personal trainers do is do a little market research on other nearby fitness programs and analyze their personal training rates per hour. The BLS also says that health and fitness trainers in New York, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia tend to make more money. This may not apply to those who offer online fitness sessions, but this means that you must match your rate based on your location.

You may charge differently for personalized fitness programs, but keeping your personal training rates the same for all your customers makes billing and accounting much easier. With this model, you can adjust rates based on customer fitness levels, fitness goals, equipment costs, or other factors. You can also choose to bundle your personal training services into packages, in which you'll charge a certain amount of dollars for a certain number of sessions. Now he opens the door, he said, because he feels he needs to be in shape for his business and show his daughters, who are 18 and 20 years old, the value of fitness.

Ask your customers what they want to achieve by taking the fitness program and come up with a plan that fits their needs. Setting the right cost for your training sessions can be difficult, but knowing how much personal trainers cost and the factors to consider when deciding the price will help you determine how much you'll charge for personal training. Every time you get a new personal training client, the first question they'll ask you is how much you charge for your personal training sessions or classes. If you have multiple personal training certifications, licenses, and awards, you may charge a higher fee than a personal trainer with a single certification.

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