What are three ways to prepare for a coaching session?

The next phase of the coach's preparation is to think about what the purpose of the session is. Review your notes to review what the customer's objectives are. Prepare your mindset to ensure that you keep an open and positive mind at all times. Consider the language you should use to make your client feel comfortable and safe during the session.

Carly Anderson, MCC, is an active advisor to the ICF, accreditation expert, leadership coach, and founder of The Mentor Coaching Group. That's why this publication focuses on a basic template for clients to prepare for a coaching session, while recognizing the reality that you will have nuances and personalized needs, depending on you and the coach you work with. I'm not looking for my coach to tell me my hourly rate; rather, I want him to analyze my ideas about money, my fears and motivations behind work, to help me find a new ideological basis. Once the training session is over, take good notes so you can continue where you left off the next time.

Without proper preparation, it's easy for both you and your client to go from one topic to another and, at the end of the session, realize that very little has been achieved. This helps us to know what the general objectives are (the ICF's core planning and goal-setting competence), how success will be measured, and whether all stakeholders agree on the purpose of the training. My coaching job is now primarily a contract job. They offer me training in companies that want executive coaching services.

I know that what I share may not be what works for you, and I invite you to experiment with your way of preparing to be with your customers and giving them your best. As a health coach, you're not just talking to your clients about life, but you're providing them with guidance and support to overcome problems. While coaching sessions are intended to help your clients, it's essential that you always be prepared. Carly has created products to better understand the establishment of the training agreement and the ten characteristics of the MCC skill level.

Sometimes I have consecutive sessions of training, training or tutoring and, as I review my week, I get a mental idea of where I will need to really focus with my energy, especially if there is a lot of consecutive work.

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