What does a good coaching session look like?

A session is usually structured around working to achieve a specific goal. I think it's best to keep them under an hour to maintain everyone's energy and focus. No matter the training area, a well-structured session will help you work toward your goals. Powerful questions are those that provoke reflections, thoughts and ideas on the part of the client that will bring him closer to his goals.

It's about helping customers get out of their comfort zone and create the shifts they need to move forward. A coach is a service provider who helps clients get a result. As a coach, you can help your clients lose weight (health coach), find a better job (professional trainer), or improve their finances (financial advisor). Identify the specific topic of the session.

The first step in any call should be to establish a good relationship. How you do this depends on how well you know the customer. If you already know this customer very well, you can establish a good relationship by referring to past sessions with them and asking them how they felt after the previous session ended. But if this is your first session with this client (aside from the discovery session), you'll need to look for something different to start with.

Make it clear that they must answer questions before a specific time. For example, if you need at least 24 hours to review their answers, let them know that they need to submit the form 24 hours before the session. Before the start of your training session, the first thing you should do is set a clear goal. And contrary to what many believe, a coach *not* is someone who talks to his clients on a call once in a blue moon, asks them some questions about how they feel and that's all.

There you have it: a simple way to offer a life coaching session and help your clients make a positive impact on their lives. Coaching sessions are a form of one-on-one verbal counseling designed to provide feedback and guidance to help people make changes in their lives. If this isn't your first time training this client, review your previous notes from previous sessions to remember what you've already worked on. Before the coaching session, you should take some time to plan and prepare so that you can expect the best outcome for your client.

One way to start a coaching session with an employee is to ask them what they want to get out of the training and what they need from their manager. That's why coaching can be an incredibly satisfying business (and yes, a coaching business can make it possible for you to leave your 9 to 5 years old and make a lot of money). If you're not sure how to have the perfect conversation, check out these 5 C's of a great training conversation. If it helps, print out the structure of your life coaching session as a reference when you feel like things are going wrong.

The style of writing down questions can vary: few trainers write bullet points along the way, others only write action points. For example, one of my energy compensation coaching clients realized that she could avoid it by doing one energy cleansing session a month and build her training around that. And then there's the coaching you do between coaching calls, such as answering questions and checking how your clients are doing. In the beginning, you'll need to take care of both roles and switch between your coaching and customer service roles.

If you're new to life coaching, doing your first life coaching session with a client can be a little scary.

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