What qualities make up a good coach?

A good coach is positive, enthusiastic, supportive, confident, focused, goal-oriented, informed, observant, respectful, patient and a clear communicator. What coach wouldn't want to hear this from one of their players? In the case of Zidane, the fact that he has won many titles as a coach and as a player with the club he manages is helping a lot. However, Kroos also highlights his management style and states that Zidane's communication skills are key to keeping the group behind him, Embed from Getty Images. Although, one might ask, what are the characteristics of a great coach really? Analysis carried out by coachbetter.

Perhaps the most important word here is direct. A coach is a true leader. As the leading figure in the team, you can be sure that your players will admire what you're doing, which means they'll do whatever you tell them. Therefore, a coach has a more important role to play.

Teaching the game while training more than the game, Embed by Getty ImagesLeading by example means that the standards are much higher for a coach than for anyone else in the club. A coach cannot demand discipline from his players if he is not disciplined first. However, the best leaders are those who are able to hold their players accountable without problems and allow themselves to become leaders as well. If you lead by example in your team, you've already won the first battle.

Demonstrating how much you care and that you love the game will help your team come together around you and the team's goals. Probably the easiest to get hold of, but sometimes the most difficult to comply with. What are the most important features that we have missed? Comment below, show your players that you care by giving them the tool they deserve. Start planning your session for free at coachbetter.

Steven Nzonzi, champion of the FIFA World Cup, invests in Coachbetter as an investor with his experience in networks and soccer. While everyone trains slightly differently, I've found that there are some essential qualities to being a successful coach.

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